rooms can be changed to energy centers

It is better to honor your preferences than follow rules. That’s what I wrote in my last post. I always tell my clients “I will never change a winning system ” so if everything goes right I would never do a consultation and change something in the house or garden. But if anything is blocking you at some point it could be something wrong in your house. It could be something superficial like physical disturbances, clutter, things that need to be done in your home, garden, environment,  to unblock the chi flow.

Keep nothing in your home that is not either useful or beautifull.

Remove, repair everything which is broken, for example your favourite cup with the broken handle,that reminds you of the time it slipped from your hands while you did dishes.

Free your home of useless things. These are things you don’t need and will not need in the next 50 years. Things, that serve no purpose.Piles of unread paperwork. Get rid of it, you don’t read them anyway. Donate things you don’t use but that could be useful to others to a thrift store.

Mess and clutter cause stagnation and block the floating chi.

Fix anything that is broken. A sticking door, broken, dripping faucets, broken light bulbs, brocken walls, cracks in the plaster, mold stains, etc.

You will be surprised at how this will release energy and eventually motivate you to go forward in your life if you clear that clutter.

Clearing all the clutter and repairing broken things can be beneficial for you as it clears blockages and allows a more harmonious flow of energy entering your home. It helps to remove obstacles and create space for new opportunities to enter your life.

Dirt, cobwebs and dust represent stagnant energy, which can lead to tiredness and a lack of motivation. Cleaning enhances favourable energy. Take natural and homemade cleaning products such as warm water, lemon or vinegar and essential oils for the good smell. Conventional cleaning products contain toxic substances that are harmful to your health.  The David Suzuki Foundation has some excellent recopies for natural cleaners on this website


If this does not help and you feel the flow of chi is still bloked, there are others things you can do. In my upcoming  Blog Posts I will share information on how you can get support.



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