a gift from heaven

Exercise for your breakthrough

Discover and materialize

             Your Path

1.) Get yourself into a comfortable position, best is sit in your “Inspiring” Position. Rid yourself of all electronic distractions and find a spot where you can sit comfortably. Have something solid and sheltering behind you – this can be a wall or a stone, trees or a hill/mountain.

2.) Write down at least six things that motivate you. This can be anything. Writing, painting, playing music, people, pets, a positive memory…

3.) Close your eyes, let your thoughts be. Don’t focus on thinking one particular thought, rather let thoughts pass through your mind as though you were watching them like a video. The more vivid the better.

4.) With your eyes still closed, think of all the things you would do if you had all the resources you need. You have everything you could possibly ever want. Imagine how your life would be. What would you do during the day ? In as much detail as possible envision what your day would be like.

5.) Eyes still closed, begin to question yourself: Now what ? Now that you are living your life just the way you want, what is going to drive you ? This is where the magic happens. Take your time. How do you know when you get the answer? If you are open and listening to yourself the answer will become clear to you. Your physical body will have no choice but to react. You might express it through tears, or shout out loud for joy maybe you will feel it deep within your core.

6.) Do what you love to do,  attract and manifest specific goals, write them down and place them in front of you to read them every day and feel them. What you feel is what you are going to attract.

To dream is the start.

To live the dream is the payoff.

Stay tuned and find out about ancient sience, get to know more about your destiny and lots of information about Feng Shui, be energised and enjoy your Feng Shui Journey.


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