a tool to make the invisible visible

March 23 戊 戌 yang Earth Dog – Dangerous Day

Don’t do any activities like climbing a mountain, or Bungy Jumping,

Flying Stars are one of many old methods used to make predictions. Ancient cultures used many methods to predict in the private sector as well as on a global level. The Flying Stars reveal the coherence of the universe. They show us how energy moves for a nation as well as in our personal surroundings, including the interior or our home.
It is a tool to make the invisible visible. In general, there are three major areas or areas of our home that we should always pay attention to:
– The Center stands for health, relationships, heart and money;
– The Southwest represents the woman of the house, relates to marriage, partnership, love;

– The Northwest represents the man of the house, relates to male and female breadwinner, networking, benefactors and helpful people.
This never changes. Bedroom and kitchen should be located in good areas and be harmonized.
Bathroom, toilet and storage rooms are less important.

Star of Anger 3 is in the Tai Chi. 3 wood star and wood element generally relates to anger and conflicts.

The first half of the year is not so good.

Not a good time to invest. It improves in the second half of the year.
This year’s 3 visits the Center and there it combines with 5.

Since the Center is home to the 5, and 3 and 5 clash, it can be a strong battle, with conflict arising in the house.
Worldwide, there are still conflicts in the Middle East.

Good news: In March the energy supports more activities affording academic success especially for woman writers. This month we have the combination of 3 and 4 in the Tai Chi/Center. See the calculator for the Flying Stars below. If the 3 is together with a good Star it’s ok. The 4 in the Center stands for artistic and academic success and success as a writer, the 4 promotes the literary; female writers in particular enjoy great success.
But the combination of 3 and 4 can also bring mental and emotional problems for the occupants.

You can balance both strong wood stars by placing candles in the Center during 2015 in general and especially during March.
2015 Always place a candle or Fire element in the middle of your house, room, table, when you eat, when you work.

So Ladies, hang on to your metaphysical scripts and keep on writing. 🙂
And stay tuned, because I am posting more about days and months and the Flying Stars in 2015.


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