About Claudia


Feng Shui Architekt ProfilbildClaudia studied architecture at the University of Applied science in Darmstadt/ Germany. After acquiring work experience in architectural offices in Barcelona, Spain and Victoria, Canada she studied the art and science of Feng Shui in Germany, Sweden and Scotland at the International Feng-Shui Academy http://www.internationale-feng-shui-akademie.de with Nicole Finkeldei and Gefion Wolf and the Imperial School of Feng Shui & Chinese Horoscopes http://www.masterkwchan.com. She is now a member of the Chue Foundation, a worldwide non profit Feng Shui research organisation. Feng Shui is a generic name that represents many theories, practices and different methods bringing different results. Some techniques and knowledge have an historical background, and are part of classical Feng Shui. While others are more recently developed with no substance and we called them “Fast Feng Shui” or “Neo Feng Shui”. There are some who practice a blend of traditional methods with the modern. It’s not always easy to separate the chaff from the wheat. Claudia follows the techniques from the Chan lineage that use Feng Shui with Yuen Hom, the 64 Hexagramethod and Bazi. She therefore relies on a long tradition of classical Feng Shui in her consultations that is traced back thousands of years and many generations of Feng Shui Masters. In her teachings, the Chinese metaphysics is maintained “as there is nothing without a lineage”. The Great Grand Master Chan He Ye was an acknowledged expert in the powerful Yuen Hom Feng Shui. He worked at the highest levels and he was consultant to both the Chinese Royal Family and the Ching Government. It is this extraordinary learning, wisdom and skills that are now passed on through the Chue Research Foundation, where Claudia Buchholz is honoured to be a member.

Architectural Feng Shui Designs

Feng Shui journey

Having navigated through a Feng Shui journey for over 8 years now and transforming my own life, I can say that

Self reflection and Feng Shui leads to Self transformation.

In 2006 when I reflected on my life many areas needed improvement. First of all gaining Knowledge (computer and website related) Within a few years, before I published my first Ebook on Feng Shui I traveled, made friends through my consultations and classes both in Canada and Costa Rica and got my german and english websites to function.
In between I married and now I am back from my trips and work on a  Energy Saving and Feng Shui Project.

This proven science and the art of placement has influenced my life so much that I want to share this oriental wisdom with you.
In the future I will be sharing lots of information.
Doors will be open to you for taking everything that has helped me fulfill my dreams.
That way, I will feel content in sharing what I have, to make a difference to your lives.
Be energised and enjoy your Feng Shui Journey.