Balance your Home with the Five Elements

Nature’s forces continue to act in accordance with universal laws of energy movement; they are influencing our magnetic attracting mind fields. In every year nature is in a particular arrangement of the

five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The year 2013 is characterized by certain configurations of these elements .

The Cicle of Five Elements is the art and science of Feng Shui to balance any element that is out of control or missing in a building or external space.  We do this through draining, controlling or feeding the element with one of the other four elements.

Direction/Location: In my last Blog I wrote about the benefits of 2013 within the South and the North.  Today I will write about the north-east sector and the south-west sector for this year. Using the Feng Shui Flying Star analysis it can be determined that the north-east and south-west rooms in your house / on your property has too much yin energy and too much earth energy. The south-west sector is not good at all for females. There is a triple earth stress and resulting in a triple female stress this year. If the earth (which comes with the year and the Flying Star Constellation ) is too strong or too thick in the North-east and south-west part of your property as well as your home/room it is difficult to be productive in this area. There could be blocking energies here. Viewed globally there could be landslides.

The supportive element :To cure this, simply add the supportive element from the 5 Element cycle, in this case the draining element is the supportive element.

Use the metal element to drain the earth energy in this sector.

either in terms of shape, colour or objects

The metal shape is a circular, round shape like coins (metal) Metal colours are white, gold, silver and most metallic materials. You can bring that element into the north-east area of your home, use the white colour if you sleep in that room. “Colours, too have vibrations “as the English physicist Isaac Newton knew and noted . Advice for a woman’s home office or bedroom in South-west in 2013 paint the whole room in white, use metal objects and just getting this balance right creates a huge difference.

don’t use red and yellow colours in this area this year, because this would even strengthen the earth more and create  more sick energy.

Monthly influence: Specially in the month of May I recommend not to sleep in the south-west room if you are female and your immune system is already weak.



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