Boost your love and money luck

Feng Shui Tip: Boost your Love and Money Luck
The NE has the wealth combination with the 6/8 this month it’s fortune and happiness together at once. If you activate a Water feature which stands for the 1 (remember 1/6/8 are the wealth stars) with a special timeframe this month
( message me for this special time frame ) you use this energy for activating and increasing your wealth. Also you can travel or move from this direction or go to your bank. Start from the Northeast to go Southwest to put money on your bankaccount.
These calculations I found by writing my prediction ( thats why I am not getting ready  🙂
 it tells you which sector or directions are auspicious to use for a given year, month, day and even time.
To activate a good wealth and to get opportunities you either travel in that direction from your place at the given time, or you can use a water feature in the given sector at home.
Today between 11-1pm move from Northeast to Southwest and head back to Northeast 5-7pm if you can afford. If travelling, what matters is the point of departure, not the road you take to get there.
Message me for other timeframes.
The effect shall be felt for days
Watch for Opportunities the next days Good Luck

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