Breath of the Dragon

With Ancient Wisdom you can

create some magic in your life.
It will be a blessing if you know

your personal inspiring direction and position.



The traditional Chinese art and sience calls it

” Breath of the Dragon”

It stands for vitality, initial energy,

and is suitable to get inspiration for creative work and study.

Primarily it is suitable for being active not for bedrooms since it has too much mental energy.

Calculate your Breath of Dragon :

  • Example: Year of birth is 1961
  • Add all four numbers of the year you are born:  1 + 9 + 6 + 1  =  17    7+1 = 8
  • Subtract the result from the number 11 :              11 – 8  =   3
  • If the sum is more than one number, always add them until you get a single number.
  • If you have 1, inspiring position is South-East
  • If you have 2, inspiring position is North-East
  • If you have 3, inspiring position is South
  • If you have 4, inspiring position is North
  • If you have 6, inspiring position is West
  • If you have 7, inspiring position is North-West
  • If you have 8, inspiring position is South-West
  • If you have 9, inspiring position is East

Once you know your Breath of the Dragon” get yourself into this position and use this direction as often you can to navigate your inspiration.

You can take the direction if it’s not possible to sit in it.

Tune up yourself and your house 

give attention to it, feel energized and receive inspiration. LOA


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