Dragon Macho

 April 28 甲 辰   yang Wood Dragon Macho

The Chinese character for thunder is a Dragon under a rain cloud. Dragon character is a David Copperfield.

He is the sorcerer who turns disaster into triumph.

In terms of Feng Shui he sits in the South East Golden God, so this year to face South East is good.

You can activate Water here regularly.

In terms of time it means the Dragon day, the Dragon hour 7-9am and those born with Dragons in their Four Pillars are favoured in 2015.

But not today. Yang Wood Dragon has a certain

relationship problems female sleeping alone macho energy.

You know those moments when the choice to move forward or stay safe is hanging unbalanced.

Often at such times we choose distraction to seek for the dragon.

Expect chaos today to which you bring order by

separating yourself from distraction. Whether we call this positive or negative is simply a question of viewpoint but if you take this energy to get rid of whatever …….,

the day will support this, ………every kind of separation. Primarily it is suitable for being inactive in romance issues.

Don’t go out and meet up with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with

instead meet the person whose friendship you want to quit and never had the courage to tell him. Especially for females: today you can kick out the macho. 🙂



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