Energy changes

fengshui-lopan2What does the east, northwest and north part of your home look like?

The east area is ruling the month Oktober 2016 and visited by a very good Star. That’s why East area should not contain items such as your laundry, garbage or dustbins if you want to attract wealth. The direction within the home relating to the rabbit is the east. This month the transformation, opportunity and the income star 1 visits here. Use this direction for activating and increasing your wealth,add a water feature. Increase business by using this room especially in October.

Also you can take the direction and move/ travel in this direction. Go East to boost your luck.
NW has the academic writers and romance star 4 this month but with the 3 of the year
the northwest is attacked by to much wood, request assistance,
especially Ladies watch your partner, anger could enter the house.
Stay calm and use water to harmonize.
For Romance, sales, travel, writing and education luck use the north room,
add a water feature ( if you can’t use it in the east ) and watch for Opportunities.

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