February 2016

The official monthly Chi change is on February 4th, 2016 to Yang Metal Tiger Month.
February is a Tiger month. The Tiger is leader of the month.

Yang Metal Tiger month in Yang Fire Monkey year. The weather has a big influence of all things.  Heaven is controlling the energy in February. Because the wood is being chopped ( Metal/Wood clash) First it appears to be good but things are not what they seem. The tree will be chopped down, be careful for false information. Pokerface in the Pine Tree. Be careful with people who rush.

Flying Stars : all stars will duplicate this month, good will be great, but bad will be a disaster. Disaster will reside in the Northeast direction this month. This direction does apply to the facing direction of your house, the sector where your important rooms are located and also it relates to the Northeast area of any city or country.

The Ruling Star 2 in the center duplicate with the Year Star 2. There is only sick earth, there is no water and no fire. Earth alone can’t produce anything. The energy will be slow and stagnant, more blocking and non productive.

Avoid digging in this sectors here especially this month. Not suitable to put any red here too. Balance with a metal clock, white or metal colour, don’t put anything sharp or any spikey plants here. Suppress the sickness energy of double 2 in the Center with a ding dong clock. Read my full prediction here

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