Feng Shui Changes for April 2015

On 05.04.2015, the 4 energy expired and left the Central Sector, and the 3-star formation arrived and defines the issues. Exciting times are ahead, especially for writers. Who is leading this month?

April is Dragon Month.

Where is the Dragon?

Each sector gets the same visitor twice: the 2015 year star and the month star in April. Dragon is  visiting the North-West twice.

Double luck for one of the most important sectors, the North-West, with its heavenly helpers. Gold God, the annual star and the month star for education, romance, and traveling, is making the North-West special. Writers especially will enjoy great success.

Moving Star is visiting twice and it points to an education and romance journey and is especially helpful for promoting your academic career. In April, a journey to the North-West related to education and romance is supported by Feng Shui changes of the month.

One of the most important areas to watch this month is the West. We have some difficult energies that are doubled in April and it’s in the West Sector of your house: don’t engage in noisiness here. In the West during April, the subject of health is again indicated, You absolutely need to bring in Metal and Water to weaken the 5.

Try to avoid the West Sector and stringently avoid having any red colors or Fire elements there.
Keep it as quiet and unused as possible. If you have a bathroom there, that’s fine.

Watch out for Wood 3 in the Centre. Every one of us has this star, regardless of the orientation of our Facing, Door and bedroom.

Drain the Wood energy of anger with Fire. Have a candle in the Tai Chi/Center of everything.

Fire 9 comes to the South-West representing future prosperity but there is too much Fire here. Don’t use candles too much or the color red. This month, the South-West needs Earth to drain the quantity of Fire. Use crystals here to drain the Fire.

South-East bedrooms will not be favorable for females because there is double female stress with the double 2 star. You can best balance this energy with Metal – not with Fire, which would bring Earth Star 2, the star of illness and disease.

During April, we’ll experience relationship problems in South bedrooms. Two bad guys in the south, that’s too strong to handle! This means a battle of the sexes and injury potential, so work with Water and Wood colors here, like blues and turquoise.

Double luck and heavenly helpers are in the North-East, too.

The excellent star 8, which provides happiness, health, and wealth visits the North Sector twice.

For homes and especially bedrooms, the best energies are in the North where Earth 8 comes to visit. Good for romance; good for wealth. Here in the North, the stars are beneficial in April and the rat is in its fullest power with the double 8.

I suggest an indoor Water fountain all month in the north sector.

It supports your wealth, peace and harmony within the family.

Stay tuned I will be sharing lots of information,

be energised and enjoy your Feng Shui Journey.

your Feng Shui Architect


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