Feng Shui journey

Having navigated through a Feng Shui journey for over 8 years now and transforming my own life, I can say that

Self reflection and Feng Shui leads to Self transformation.

In 2006 when I reflected on my life many areas needed improvement. First of all gaining Knowledge (computer and website related)  Within a few years, before I published  my first Ebook on Feng Shui I traveled, made friends through my consultations and classes both in Canada and Costa Rica and got my german and english websites  to function.
In between I married and now I am back from my trips and work on a large Houserenovating Project with Energy saving and Feng Shui Principle and I am writing on my next Feng Shui Ebook.

This proven science and the art of placement has influenced my life so much that I want to share this oriental wisdom with you.   
In the future I will be sharing lots of information such as my anual Feng Shui Guide, the Flying Star Method, how you can calculate your own Housechart and much more.
Doors will be open to you for taking everything that has helped me fulfil my dreams.
That way, I will feel content in sharing what I have, to make a difference to your lives.
Be energised and enjoy your Feng Shui journey.

your Feng Shui Architect

2 comments on “Feng Shui journey

  1. Hi Claudia,
    Your page caught my interest as it is ages now that I have been interested in Deng shi but somewhat never managed to get a training or properly into that realm. I myself work with energies on various levels…I am an architect and my designs are always about positive energy flow..and I must say that it is so far all intuitive and gut releasing energy…I am on the other hand also a professionally trained sports and remedial therapist… The other end of the scale if using energy as a healing means. Please keep in touch with your realm as I am very interested.
    Best regards

    • Thank you Vincent I very like and appreciate your Comment. Please stay tuned as I am posting more about the ancient science and the energy flow.

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