Feng Shui landscape analysis wealth, fame and glamour in Monte Carlo

In Feng Shui, the principles of placement are explained through the symbolism of the five celestial animals. These principles are very helpful in determining ideal positions for a bed, desk and yourself
It also helps us assess the position of a house on the property and

 a city in the landscape. 

At first glance, the animals appear to have a mythical quality, but once we understand what qualities each animal represents, we can appreciate their significance.

Phoenix should be in the front, he represents the future, vision, and term planning its position is in the front.
The tortoise represents the past, security, stability, longevity and protection its position should be in the back.
Man’s greatest need for support and security is at the back, hence the term ‘backbone’. In Feng Shui, the tortoise represents that which is behind us. When considering placement of beds and desks, it is ideal to have a solid wall behind.

Feng Shui landscape analysis wealth, fame and glamour in Monte Carlo 


Given Monte Carlo‘s associations with wealth, fame and glamour, a better case study than feng shui‘s principles of landscape analysis would be hard to find.


The coastline around Monaco reflects the animal‘s model of feng shui. High mountains at its back providing strength, protection and earth chi at the back.

When a city has        

solid support at the back (tortoise);

open space in the front (phoenix);

balanced support on the left and right (dragon and tiger);

then, it sits comfortably in its environment,

it looks and feels balanced and

gives good support to it’s habitants

Such a configuration is said to be ‘an armchair formation’

– welcoming, comfortable and supportive.

when we connect to nature and to good people

we attract good energy.


To your success and prosperity,

Claudia Buchholz

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