Freebie from the Univers

The Universe is throwing you a freebie to make positive changes around your home, your life and it’s all about improving and enhancing the quality of your life.

Get to know about your Man Cheung/Scholarly Star/Education Star),

Peach Blossom/ Relationship Star and Yik Ma Star /moving Star

Your San Gods are

Man Cheung a Scholarly Star ( Education Star)

Peach Blossom (Relationship Star) and

Yik Ma Star ( moving Star)

They are protective angels who will come to help you and make everything smooth and positive

to seize opportunities, change jobs, to travel and make positive changes around relationship matters, including your health and money aspects.
Travel with the power of your Yik Ma
One of the greatest joys and effective methods is to get the luck on his side is through travel.

Sometimes it is best the further away you travel from home the closer it brings it to yourselve.

Travel really opens our inner and outer world.
Here is a tip I really recoment. I know a lot of spiritual masters and teachers are using this tool.

Travel in your journey month with the knowledge of your Yik Ma, your travel San God.

If you want, take the years travel Route with you to double your luck. This makes your trip special.

The annual stars have also certain directions or time that are worth traveling. This month it’s north to south.

Boost your life with travelling with the good energy.

You can take this year’s moving Star too. It’s the snake month

Snake Month is May.

(My Yik Ma is the month of  snake too so who knows may be I will pack my suitcase and go for a trip in May ? 🙂

This trip is for the promotion of your academic career, as well as your partnership/marriage and particularly helpful to

create, shape, and enjoy your life.

Please contact me if you want to know your Yik Ma  🙂

4 comments on “Freebie from the Univers

    • Hi Vijay,
      your San Gods are
      Man Cheung a Scholarly Star ( Education Star) is monkey, you have monkey in your day pilar so you are blessed with the Mang Cheung,

      Peach Blossom (Relationship Star) is the rooster ( you have the rooster in year pilar, again you are blessed with your own peach sign 🙂
      (but unfortunatly this year is not the best year for roosters)

      Yik Ma Star ( moving Star) is the Tiger

      Love and Light your Fengshuiarchitect

  1. Thank you so very much for making available so much on Feng Shui, you make it sound interesting and something I’d LOVE to know more about, in time.

    I have a very important court case on Monday 23rd March 2015. I will be travelling North (Not good I know, Never mind, I can MAKE it better). I will travel out of London and into St.Albans which is well past the outskirts of the city. I’m frightened although there is chance I may get away with a suspended sentence. I may also be put away for a month or 2.

    I’m DESPERATE to ask you for my Yik Ma (travel San God) and what is the year’s travel route ~ I need it BADLY….and the year’s moving star please? How does one TAKE the year’s moving star with them? Is it even possible?

    The court case will probably last c.10 days or so which may well mean that sentencing is not until April.

    Please help me make THE BEST out of a bad job. I in the meantime will be placing a pot of water in the North and in the NW a round metal pot of water with a candle left burning in the centre of my home (surrounded with crystals and flower heads). I don’t know what else to do for the best

    Pleae assist me in my hour of need

    All my Love and Light

    • Hi Victoria, please tell me your animal sign in your year and day pilar so I can help you. You can find out here
      Cheers Claudia

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