heal and move on

May 19 yin Wood Goat 乙 未 Full

Select a good Day with Tung Kung , the 28 Lunar Mansion and the I Ching

Ancient cultures like the Chinese and the Mayans knew that every day because of cosmic constellations brings a certain quality. 

Suitable things to do today:

Groundbreaking, Marriages, Moving House, Prayers and Worshiping,

Renovations, signing Contracts, Agreements,

Traveling, Commencing new Business, Financial Activities/Investment.

Write out your wishes today.

Today things flow to you, good day to get something you want.

If you want to achieve something today it comes.
Good day for working outdoors or work on your house constructions.

It could be time to go over old ground in order to heal and move on,

Make your bedroom beautiful.

Write out your wishes for the whole year today.

Write down at least six wishes. This can be anything, think of all the things you would do if you had all the resources you need. Attract and manifest specific goals, write them down and place them in front of you to read them every day.

To dream is the start.

To live the dream is the payoff.

Bad things happen for a reason.

They are making room for something much better,

maybe there is an opportunity in life waiting for you to grap, it can open  doors for something better.

Nature is always telling us to change.  If you know where the good energy is going  you can go with the flow and it open your eyes to see what is good for you.

Stay tuned and find out about ancient sience, get to know more about your destiny and lots of information about Feng Shui, be energised and enjoy your Feng Shui Journey.


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