How do you balance the Yin-Yang energy influence ?

Energy influences in the home come from the landscape.

In classical Feng Shui is a house assigned to the four celestial animals and these are analogous to yin – Female / or yang – Male.

If the dragon is weak

If the dragon (associated with the male occupants) is weak the female occupants are working with no results, never get their work done and the male occupants behave weak or are not living there at all.  A balance must be created to bring the house back into yin/yang balance. The house does not support the occupants very much.

So in this house possibly more female/yin power than male power to be lived. Place a Spiritual Dragon in a good location on the Dragon-side or in the south position to balance out the property. As the outer area in the south is related to the man/yang energy  a Stone or Buddha  in this position suit to the male occupant.

A Spiritual Dragon can take the form of a large rock or a Buddha.

If the Tortoise is not protecting the house is weak protected in the back.

The Backside of your house should give a solid support to the house, it represents your past, security, stability, longevity, relationships and protection.

If your backside is weak a balance must be created to bring the house back into yin/yang balance. In this case protect the backside with a Bamboo forest. Bamboo stands for strengthen and relation/friendship. Its in itself an amazing plant that brings a very peaceful and wise energy into your home. It teaches the ultimate wisdom: how to be flexible and hollow, open on the inside, so that the spirit can freely flow and heal your being.

If you have bamboo growing in your garden you can hear the soothing, almost transcendental  sound of it. The same is true for the energy of bamboo floors as well as bamboo feng shui wind chimes,

The proposed recommendations turn the blocked energy into a positive flow of energy and give the house stability and the family a possibility to grow with each other.


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