How does your House look like ?

30 Percent yin : 70 Percent yang

The importance of structural rhythm, to create harmonious proportions in architecture has a long Tradition.

Since ancient Egyptian times through the Greek era into classicism.

Ancient China had its own system of architectural proportion like yin and yang, which is very similar to nature’s pattern and is taken from nature too …… the Golden Section.

The dragon side represents the yang energy, gives the male habitants support, stands for male energy, organization and finance and is on the right side of the house and property. ( if you stand infront your house and look at your house.

The tiger side is the left side, is yin and stands for action. It relates to all females of the house.

When the Tigerside is much higher than the

Dragonside which represents the male/yang energy, the man of the House are generally not well supported.

This formation is not good for peace of mind and wellbeing of the residents.

Most of the time the women are dominant and the man are not in their male energy. (It could be like that.)

Feng Shui is based on principles.  If the external layout of the house is weard, the flow of chi may be weard too. ( law of attraction). Applying the principles of Feng Shui, you understand the movement and flow of chi inside and outside a house and

learn how to balance it for yourself and your families benefit.

when we connect to nature and to good people

we attract good energy.

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