I Ching

April 18 yang Wood Rat New Moon

As an outside the box thinker who brings clarity and cutting edge concepts to the forefront I love the ancient I Ching, one of Ancient China’s oldest books in the world.

It contains all of the archetypes (64) of a rich creative life.

Every person has a customized text from the I Ching.

It’s called hexagram. Your personel hexagram will allow you to find something in yourself, that you have been unable to access before.

Every year, month and day has a hexagram too.

Today’s hexagram is Number 24 Thunder within the Earth:
The image of a Turning Point,  on a new Moon day this is a powerfull hexagram. It’s indicating success if you return to someone or something.

Return to finish ….. you startet once and did not finish, today is a better day to return to it.


I consult  the I Ching almost everyday for personal and buisness questions.

This book gave me so many answers .


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