It’s All About the Thoughts

Law of Attraction
is Universal, and every person is affected by it. And it is always true that what I think and what I feel and what I get are always a match, and there is not a person on the planet that did not know that when they were born, and there is not a person on the planet that would not benefit by knowing it. But many, many, many are not yet asking and therefore are not yet ready for the answer. And so, we would say that — although everyone wants this information — everyone is not necessarily ready for it. We would not spend any time trying to convince anybody of anything because if they’re not asking, your answers are just irritating. — Abraham

No one can control your thoughts but you, thoughts are free.

It’s All About the Thoughts

A change in your mindset, may not happen overnight, but with some persistence it is possible to change your life.

Your Thoughts Hold the Key to Changing Your Life

As you perceive something, you give birth to a thought, and this thought now thinks. Now that it exists, now that it has been conjured, now that it has been focused,now it vibrates. Now, byLaw of Attraction, other thoughts that are vibrationally same will come to it. So it begins its expansion immediately. — Abraham

Something to think about isn’t it?

They merely trick themselves into believing that because there is some mental activity taking place in their mind, they are “thinking.” But the truth is, most people are simply exercising the mental faculty called “memory.” They are playing old movies, so old pictures just keep flashing back on the screen of their mind. ~Bob Proctor

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