July Prediction 2015

Input for the following keywords: health problems, weak immune system, stomach problems, womb problems, problems with your heart, blood, eyes, urology system, ears, kidneys, sexual organs, feet, legs, liver, hips, waist, airways, fingers, hands, arms back, mouth, lungs as well as headaches and brain damage.

Flying Stars July 2015

The monthly Flying Stars change in tomorrow.

Last month, Yang Water appeared together with Fire, which indicated a Water/Fire clash. In July, Yin Water is interacts with the Goat 癸 未.

Goat is visiting the West in July. West is the worst sector this year and indicates health issues. And since several difficult energies are coming together in the West and the North during this month, I thought I should better write about health issues this time!


The Flying Star System and its correlation to our anatomical system

In the Flying Star System, 8 Stars float in 8 quadrants of a circle with the 9th Star in the Tai Chi/Center.
Each Star represents a constellation of characteristics and attributes, some positive, others harmful.

We live in a sea of energy, but we rarely give it much thought because these powerful energies are invisible.

Animals are often much better at recognizing or feeling these energies than we humans.

Notice how often a dog turns in circles to find exactly the right place. Research has shown that dogs never sleep in radon zones and other negative telluric energies.

The following connections and correlations to parts of the body have been established in terms of health. If any of these Stars are poorly positioned and attacked from an incoming bad Flying Star it can cause health problems. Especially Star No 5 if it is in conjunction with 2 or 8 – this may increase the risk of stomach, womb or back problems.

Star No. 1 regulates our urology system, ears, kidneys and sexual organs
Star No. 2 regulates stomach and womb
Star No. 3 controls feet, legs and liver
Star No. 4 controls hips, waist and our airways
Star No. 5 is associated with the tendency of a medical condition to become progressively worse
Star No. 6 controls head and brain
Star No. 7 governs mouth and lungs
Star No. 8 governs fingers, hands, arms and the back

The worst sectors this month are West and North.
Health problems may arise this month, especially if you are female. You might get stomach or womb pain if you have your bedroom in the West of your house and if your immune system is weak.
This year, the yearly Sheep regulates the energy and is visiting the West sector, which is the worst sector this year for health matters. It refers to illness and health problems.
This sector represents the 5 associated with malignancy.
The disadvantages of this energy are the combination of the two yearly and monthly visitors. It is best to move into another room for July or balance with the Metal element. Try to add 6 round metal balls and use the colour white in this room during this month.
Look at the North part too, 5 visits here and combines with the yearly visitor 8 to represent illness. Don’t sleep there if you have a weak immune system. If you can’t move, add Metal.

outside Bagua

Look at the North inside your house/apartment and the West of your outside property if you have problems with ears or hearing.
Look at the South-West part of your house/apartment and the North of your outside property if you have problems with your stomach.
Look at the East part of your house and the North-East of your outside property if you have problems with your liver, legs or feet.
Look at the South-East sector of your house/apartment and the South-West sector of your outside property if you have problems with asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory issues.
Look at the North-West sector of your house/apartment and the South sector of your outside property if you have problems with headaches.
Look at the South inside your home and the East of your outside property if you have problems with your heart, blood and eyes.

Feng Shui helps people in day-to-day life

If a person is being adversely affected by the Earth element of a bad Star, use Metal to counteract this negative Earth energy, since Metal weakens Earth.

Case study: An older lady was experiencing problems with her hearing system – she had lost her capacity to hear. If you were to assess the situation at her home, you would look outside at the West of the property because this represents the hearing system. In fact, she had a pond in this area, which was very draining.

It was full of dirty, stagnant, unpleasant water that was good only for insects, and insects symbolically represent disease. Over time, this was affecting the lady’s ears. Also, the West of a property is not a favourable place to have water near the house, especially at the back of the house. I recommended to fill the pond with sand and to create a nice open space for lots of plants. Plants stand for Wood, Wood drains Water and so makes this area alive again with healthy energy.

West also stands for free-time energy at the end of the working day. If this area is out of balance people often are unable to stop working and cannot rest. This lady lived for her work and never took any time off to have a break. Most days, she was sitting at her computer in her home office until midnight but she never was able to enjoy the results of her full time work.

Energy influences in the home come from the surrounding landscape.

If you have health problems look at the organ or the part of the body and see to what direction it belongs. For example, if you have a headache, look at the North-West of your house and the South outside of your house: these directions govern the head, including the brain.


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