Lo Shu

In the Later Heaven Ba Gua or Lo Shu Map every trigram governs a direction, a moment of the year, a season, a family member, a number, colour and much more…..

The number is called Lo Shu and is determined by your year of birth. Enter your own year of birth and you will get your Lo Shu number.

You just add the last two digits of your year of birth.

For example if you are born 1966:

  • add up 6 + 6 = 12
  • reduce all digits to one digit 1 + 2 = 3
  • add 5 if you are female : 5 + 3 =  your Lo Shu is  8
  • subtract it from 10 if you are male: 10 – 3  = 7  your Lo Shu is  7
  • 5 is a special Number and is represented by
    • 2 if you are male
    • 8 if you are female

calculate  the Lo Shu number for your child

Number 1,3,4,and 9 belong to the east group : best directions are east, south-east, south and north.
Number 2,5,6,7,and 8 belong to the west group: best directions are south-west,west,north-west and north-east.

See what has the Bagua in Store for you, know about your Lo Shu number and trigram. Having trouble finding your Lo Shu number? Leave me a comment below.

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