Look at your outdoor and indoor space

Zodiac Signs around the House
According to Feng Shui, the art and science of harmony, each zodiac sign and each Flying Star has an equivalence to a direction, inside and outside of the home. Each area can be individually considered and arranged to suit a particular person and energy characteristic. Looking at your outdoor space, the southeast represents the dragon and the snake. This area is ruling the month April 2016 and visited by a very good Star. Thats why Southeast area should not contain items such as your compost or your dustbins if you want to attract wealth.

The direction within the home relating to the rabbit is the east. This month the troublemaker visits the east. What does the eastern part of your home look like? The tiger and the ox is located and presented in the North East, this month it is the 3 responsible for anger visiting here. How does this part of your house and property look like ?



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