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For Tiger, Horse and Dog, Monkey is the moving horse for the year 2016.

Do you realise questions about movement since the beginning of the year? Monkey is the animal most related to mobility. Monkey has hit the ground and we feel his character being an animal of action since the energy of the year has renewed. There are many people in life changing situations like moving house, new jobs, pregnancy since 2016.

Moving Horse  promotes positive changes in your life – in your career, relationship, home, and health. That’s why it is good to make all the necessary adjustments during this time :

  • moving houses,
  • changing jobs,
  •  working on yourself or
  •  strengthening relationships.

It offers you a chance to plan ahead and make better choices.

The List below tells your moving horse.

For example: born 01.07.1961 the Branch in the day pillar is the Goat 未

for this person the best year, month, day to travel is : the snake year, snake month, snake day because snake is it’s travel star.

Birth Day                                        moving horse

Monkey 申 + Rat 子 + Dragon 辰         Tiger 寅

Pig 亥+ Rabbit 卯 + Goat 未                 Snake 巳

Tiger 寅 + Horse 午 + Dog 戌               Monkey 申

Snake 巳 + Rooster 酉 + Ox 丑             Pig 亥

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