opportunities open to a fresh start

甲 辰 yang Wood Dragon

The Dragon 辰

Dragons are born :

1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Like David Copperfield the dragon is regarded as the magician par excellence. He charmed his environment, looking for an audience. Applause is important to him. The dragon is always happy at the top of the stage of life. He does not like Boredom.

The Dragon 辰 in China is a symbol  for luck. He is ambitious and freedom-loving.

The dragon does not lack self-confidence this year although its energy is attenuated by the elements of the year. Health and spiritual essence including emotional energy is concerned, het is in conflict with the Tai Suey but he is concentrating his way. The opportunities open to a fresh start. The flirting is high. The dragons are just happy and enjoy life. The 8 Warriors also give him protection this year and the dragon sits on a gold God.

San Gods are protective angels who will come to help you and make everything smooth and positive.

yang Wood 甲

Wood is related to the planet Jupiter, the direction of East and South East, the time of Spring, Flying Star number 3 and 4.

Wood is flexible. It represents professions like teaching, all creative professions and work with children.

Wood also corresponds with the three Earthly Branches of Spring : Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon and is divided into

Yang Wood 甲 and Yin Wood 乙.

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