The Bagua

Early Heaven Ba Gua /outside

Later Heaven Ba Gua /inside

The landscape supports the garden, the garden supports the house and the house supports the occupants. 70 % of the energy comes from outside.

Early Heaven Ba Gua is an arrangement of trigrams representing the perfect Universe where everything is in harmony, representing the Chi outside your house.

Later Heaven Ba Gua describes the Changing Universe when something is build. The later represents Chi of the seasons and the time in a dynamic order inside the house.
The 8 trigrams Bagua is showing you all sectors of your house.

The trigrams correlate to different members of the family, different parts of the body, to interior and exterior direction of a house.

Make your home a symbol of your intention to attract love.

The Bagua map is a nine equally sized symbolic bagua map and it’s similar to the Lo Shu Map showing you 8 trigrams ( the Lo Shu map has 9 equally-sized squares ) correlating to different members of the family, different parts of the body, to interior and exterior and direction of a house.

The Map can help you to locate and strengthen various areas of your life, such as health, relationships money and career. Begin by familiarizing yourself with each sector of the bagua and see how it relates to the rooms of your home and property

  • South : represented by the number 9, this direction of the bagua is located at the top and is the sector for fame and recognition, Represents: 2. Daughter,  Element: Fire,
  • Southwest : represented by the number 2, the southwest is the sector for relationships. Represents: Mother inside,1. daughter outside, Relationships and love, Element: Earth, Crystal, Colour: White.
  • West : represented by the number 7, is the sector for leisure, afternoon, afterwork energy
    Represents : 3. daughter inside, 2 son outside, Organ mouth and ears, Element: Metal, Metal art objects, crystal, Colour: yellow, ochre, gold, copper, silver
  • Northwest : represented by the number 6 is the sector for mentor luck, the northwest sector can assist you in finding someone to help you learn new skills, learn to , learn to decide the right things, wealth and academic achievement in 2015, Represents: father inside, 3 son outside, Organ : head and hands, mentor and helpful people, Element: Metal, crystal, colour: Yellow, ochre, gold, silver (all metal colours)
  • North : represented by the number 1 is the sector for careers. If you’re having difficulty advancing your career or need an extra boost for a project, activate this sector especially 2015  (8 Star is visiting here boost wealth) Represents: 2.Son inside, mother outside, Organ is: ears and stomach, Career, Element: Water, Colour: Black or blue
  • Northeast : represented by the number 8 is the sector for education, meditation, represented by the number 8relates to: the 3.son inside, the 1.son outside, organ : hands and feet, education, element: earth, colour: yellow
  • East : represented by the number 3, rules growth and longevity, Represents: 1 son inside, 2 daughter outside, organ : feet and eyes, Health, element: wood, colour: green
  • Southeast : represented by the number 4, is the sector for prosperity luck. Represents: 1 daughter, 3 daughter, organ : thigs and mouth wealth, element: wood, Colour: green,
  • Center : represented by the number 5, this sector is the center of balance, the center of your home,if empty it’s vital to auspicious chi in your home. Represents: all family members, a space where chi should be able to circulate, yin and yang, balance, element: earth, colour: yellow

Use your home to create and manifest the life you wish.

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