4. May 庚 yang Metal/Dragon
Today’s Hexagram Nr. 11 is called “Peace”  (my favourite  :- )

Good luck is indicated, peace prevails.

The yin energy of the Earth is moving up to the Heaven.

The yang energy of the Heaven comes down to earth.

Their influences meet and are in harmony, they combine with each other.


Earth which moves downward, stands above,

Heaven the Creative moves upward is below.

The forces of nature have combined with each other and prepare the new season summer so that all living things bloom and prosper.

For those who do not fear the “Angel of Good Fortune”, Preparation and  Opportunities,

use this day to Experience good luck with the power of yin and yang balance.

Contrary to what you read about Feng Shui in magazines, Feng Shui does not work with moving furniture or placing objects around your home to bring you good luck.  Feng Shui does not work with creating money corners or where to put the pot plant to make you famous and rich. But Feng Shui is about understanding and analyzing changes and to channel as much of the natural energies as possible.


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