Powerfull Tool to attract good energy

How to attract good energy and invite it in your Life

By making specific changes in your thoughts and environment, you make changes in the energy that surrounds you, and this can have a massive impact on your life.

Good Chi is naturally attracted to fresh and healthy water, having a fresh and healthy water feature at the front of your home is generally considered to be favourable because it’s inviting the good energy.

Why the front ? It represents our future our Vision and long term planning.

To have a moving water feature is important but it needs  to have a good placement. If you have noticed your feng shui is working against you since installing a water feature, moving it to another location or try switching it off.

Energy flows naturally. Try the Law of Attraction and surround yourself with good inspiring people and good environment. Your self awareness is a key aspect to making any significant and permanent changes in your Life. The water is reacting to emotion, or sound. The feeling you feel when you say something is how it takes its form. It’s changing structurally simply by thoughts and emotions. With this watertool you’ll be raising your conscious awareness of yourself and the world around you.  Remove Negative Thought Patterns that are holding you back from the life you really desire…

You could add your own power of intention into the Water.

Develop an energetic cushion of protection against the ups and downs in your life. Feng Shui engages with universal energy, you can connect yourself to the power of nature and make it work for you. Especially beneficial for this period is the south-east part this applies equally for inside or outside the property and house. But don’t place water in the bedroom.

connect yourself with the power of nature and put your wish into your Waterfountain.

Always remember…

YOU can do ANYTHING you set your mind to…

…when we connect to nature

we attract good energy.

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