Prediction for September 2015

Lo Shu Map with the basic, yearly and monthly Flying Stars

The official monthly Chi change is September 8

Here’s what you can expect : houses main door/ bedrooms in the: northwest, southeast, southwest, get the best energy this month.

Houses main door/bedrooms in east, south, west are visited by bad stars in September

Special situation is the center and north :

In September yin Wood is interacting with the Rooster, which is a Metal clash. Rooster is the worst affected Zodiac sign this year, visiting the Centre in September. The Centre represents the whole family with the potential of bringing everyone together. This area is responsible for everyone and symbolizes the connection between the family members and the house theme. Watch out for arguments might escalate.

It’s a relief that we can change the energy if we know how and when, so

it is best to leave it empty, round, open, centred and add blue colour here to drain the clash.

3 Star visiting North. 3 is responsible for anger, gossip and legal problems and brings some mixed energy here. The combination of 8 and 3 brings some money and literary fame.

Wealth stimulation in North-East and South-East

1 Star visiting North-East Sector of career this month,

having all three money stars combined together 1/6/8. Here is good luck, prestige, and promotion and romance. The rat, zodiac for relationship this year is visiting and boost romance here. To anyone who has front door, bedroom, home office, or kitchen here, 1 Star is capable of bringing you wealth. You can activate this month with a water–fountain (but remove when the month is over).

6 Star visiting South-East Sector of Wealth.

It’s always good news when the 6 Star arrives as it could bring windfalls. If your front door, bedroom, home office or kitchen is in the South-East watch out for blessings from heaven, which could come from the Universe. Wealth combination, good fortune for real estate transactions.

love and recognition 4 Star visiting South-West Sector for relationships

Stay tuned for the best Date Selection for activations.

Sectors to watch :

5 Star visiting East, watch the East Sector of Health, Family, Oldest Son (Feet) – it has a bad combination this month, relationships, finances and health afflictions can arise if you have your main door here.

2 Star visiting South, another sector to watch.

The Sick Earth Star 2 is striking the sector of reputation and fame.

If a person is being adversely affected by the Earth element of a bad Star like the 5 or 2, use Metal to counteract this negative Earth.

7 Star visiting Centre,  arguments can escalate, threat of fraud, theft, burglary, litigation, and threats to the bones may ensue, everyone has to deal with it. 7 fortunately creates a sum of ten with the 3 (annual), which is good. Add some blue colour or water.

9 Star visiting West. This is a mutable star. It can be favourable or unfavourable depending on the star it joins with; if 5 and 9: the unfavourable qualities of 5 are markedly intensified by 9. This might lead to confusion of the mind and fire hazard. If you have a bedroom there it might cause problems, especially for the third daughter if she sleeps here.  If this is your bedroom/front door, there could be some difficulties related to bones, mouth and your finance. Try to keep this area quiet and no fire, candles or red colours.

Energy influences in the home come from the surrounding landscape.

If you have health problems look inside and outside and see the related organ or the part of the body  to this sector. See my  outside Bagua here

West outside your property could cause problems with ears /hearing.

Problems here could harm especially  the 2. son. See that this area is nice and tidy. Don’t lit the light’s and remove the compost here if you have a 2. son and he is sick.

Exhaust the negative energy by adding Metal objects. Avoid any candles or red and yellow colour in the West sector.

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