Prediction March 2015

Education and Romance 4 visits the Tai Chi in March

March yin Earth Rabbit 己 卯 Month

The Feng Shui energies changed on March 6

The Earth disease 5, started off the Chinese Year of the Sheep (or Goat) with an increase of health-related issues and concerns left Friday the center of your house and the academic and relationship Star 4 arrived and defines the issues.

As I was writing my prediction, the monthly 5 energy was unfolding to the fullest. I contracted a cyst on my knee last month and have been looking at the subject of vaccination again.

Everybody was talking about compulsory vaccination. I could go on with health related issues last month including friends and family.

But Chi changed and academic and romance 4 visits  the Tai Chi this month. Now watch out for educational and academic issues.

The 4 in the Centre stands for artistical and academic success and success as a writer, but the combination of 3 and 4 can bring mental and emotional problems for the occupants, especially the females. The combination of stars in the Centre might favor depression during the month of March. This is because Wood 4 in connection with the Annual Star Wood 3 may cause despair and psychic stress, especially for women. You can balance both these strong Wood Stars with candles in the Tai Chi/Centre during 2015 in general and especially during March.

With the Tai Chi/Center I mean the center of your house or the center of your room or even the center of your desk 🙂

Every one of us has this star, regardless of the orientation of our bedroom or home.

Especially bedrooms, the best energies are in the South  where Earth 8 comes to visit. The year star and the monthly visitor get along pretty good. Good flirtfaktor in this room this month.

South-East bedrooms will be at the receiving end of the fury and anger of Wood 3 during March and you can best balance this energy with Metal – not with Fire, which would bring forth Earth Star 2 the star of illness and disease.

Two guys in the Northeast (one good one bad) The Troeblemaker 7 and the Prosperity 6.  This means a battle of the sexes and injury potential, but it’s ok because one good leader can control the bad. Good looks after bad.

In the Northwest during March, the subject of health is again indicated, especially for women. You absolutely need to bring in Metal and Water to weaken the sick Earth 5.

Good news:

For homes  and especially for homeoffices and bedrooms the north is the most important place for wealth and romance this month. Fire 9 comes to the North, representing future prosperity and supports the visiting 8 from the annual energies.

Here in the North, the stars are beneficial in March and support the next generation, and peace and harmony within the family.

The superstar 8 gets support from the 9 Firestar which is responsible for future projekts.

The Toe Far Romantic Star is also here in the North.

Toe Far is responsible for certain signs of the zodiac and gives them Love Charisma.

In March Toe Far Romance Star comes to the rabbits, sheep / goats and pigs. (if you have one of them in Daily Pillar)

In the north sector of your house or in the north sector of a room there is the possibility to activate wealth this month.

With a small indoor fountain and fresh water you can activate it on a special timeframe.

Stay tuned, I post the date selection for the activation.

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