rebalance your life

May 21 yin Fire Rooster Settle
Today seems like a great time to investigate new projects and changes.

This day is blessed by guardian Angel and power Stars.

So take this gift as a reminder to set yourself up for Summer.

It is believed that everything is made up of Energy/Chi and that you attract the circumstances in life that reflect your own energetic focus and vibration.


Your home and workplace are a reflection of your focus in life.

Chi is influenced by the interplay and balance of yin and yang.
Its all about fine-tuning – The Chinese Almanach can show you how to Grasp the Chi and start important projects or hold significant events at the best time in particular.

But give yourself the space to stay open and spontaneous.

Sometimes we have to settle for second best because the church is full on the date you want to marry or the website designers can’t launch your website on the very best date.

Rebalance your Home, rebalance your Life.


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