receiving the God of Wealth

Chinese New Year generally falls on the day of the second new moon after winter solstice. February 8th is New Moon and the Chinese New Year Celebration.

Astrologers around the world believe this is a very auspicious time.

They believe whatever you want to happen come true this time because it has special power.


God of Wealth will arrive on February 8th.

Face the god of wealth, make a wish, ask for help, seek blessings, go out east, face east between the most auspicious Time : OX hour 1-3 am.

During this hour money god energy comes from the east, you can receive it.


  • Stay up late on New Year’s Eve
    To wish for longevity
  • most auspicious hours to face or leave east direction 1-3 am

    • 5-7  am
    • 7-9  am
    • 9-11 am

    Another good direction is southwest or northwest 1-3 am


  • If you are monkey or tiger don’t use this day and time
  • don’t go out this time
      • 3-5 am Tiger hour
      • 3-5 pm Monkey hour

Tiger, Monkey are unsuitable Zodiac Sign for the Reception of the God of Wealth.

always remember Positive expectations come from desire, negative expectations come from fear.

                                     Happy Chinese New Year


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