Claudia Buchholz offers retreats and workshops that are designed specifically for beginners.

It is open to everyone; particularly those with an interest in using Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics to address specific problems or needs in their life.

It will be a beautiful time to rest your body and mind and get inspiration for life.

Retreats classes will teach you about :

  • Assessing a space for energy
  • Using Feng Shui tools
  • Set specific life goals
  • Learn to plot your personal and your house chart
  • Learn Feng Shui techniques that can be used and
  • applied for your home
  • Learn how to place these techniques in context
  • and to link the various applications together for
  • more precise results
  • Formulating an Action Plan
  • Work on real-life case studies to start putting your
  • newly-learned skills into practice
  • Draft a Feng Shui action plan for your own home, determining precise changes and improvements that need to be made

Please contact Claudia for more information

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