As a certified professional Feng Shui consultant, Claudia offers home and office assessments, private coaching, workshops and retreats as well as date selection and  chinese horoscope. Claudia loves helping people enhance the energy in their homes and businesses with Feng Shui.

Claudia will tell you about how you can easily learn amazing basics.

Feng Shui Course – Key Concepts

    • What is Feng Shui?
    • The role of Feng Shui in our lives
    • The Five Elements,
    • Yin and Yang
    • Tai Chi in the House
    • Chi/Energy at the Front Door
    • Designing the Kitchen
    • Designing the Bedroom
    • Designing the Living Room
    • Designing the Study/Office
    • Introduction to the Flying Stars System
    • Introduction to the I Ching
    • Introduction to the 4 Pillars and Circle of Life
    • 8 Mansions System

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