Settle with Space Claering

May 9 yin Wood Rooster 乙 酉 Settle

To settle means to come to order or rest.

Do you know this situation ?

You are renovating your house and you are not able to settle really.
Normally, a building is messy as long as it is a construction site.
The renovation costs you every nerve  especially when it takes longer as planned.
If the house is chaos, a part of you is in chaos too.

The energy of your house your environment ends up in affecting your wellbeing.

That is why it is so important not consult this process over the years, weeks, okay,

Months, of course, in some cases. Years?
“Life is too short to live in limbo for so long.”  Karen Kingston

Only when everything has calmed down, it is completely ready for you to settle,  you can relax and feel comfortable. Often  it is too late for couples because they have quarreled in the construction phase so much that they end up in separation and it’s too late for any rescue .

Space Clearing can make it easier in this phase, to clear out.

The Space Clearing ceremony helps to harmonize energetic crud of a construction site.

Space Clearing deletes at the end of the day or a quarrel  the stagnant energy.

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