springtime ritual

March 19 甲  yin Wood Horse

Today is one day before Equinox. Not a day to do anything important.

Do your springtime ritual tomorrow.

This year there is a Supermoon, he is quite rare, the next time this happens is 2034.

On March 20, we have a celestial event, equinox and a Supermoon. In our Sky, the sun will disappear total and the Moon, turns into a “New Moon” at once on the 20th. It is not visible,  it has a large  effect on Earth’s oceans.

The Gravity will be stronger, so set your intentions, then draw a symbol on a piece of paper to symbolize each intention. About 30 minutes before the equinox, start to visualise.

To get most out of your ritual use your power spot for personal growth, self-actualization, self-transcendence, or spirituality.

Today I want you to find out which Lo Shu Number is yours. You can take this number and use this direction and if possible this location for your ritual.

To achieve fulfillment in our lives, we need to attune ourselves to nature and to our power spot. The influences coming from the 8 archetypes hold a specific, typical kind of energy.

The element assigned to each trigram shows the principle and the energy behind it. Trigrams are rich with imagery and meaning. Each trigram has a distinct image, character, and personality revealing its deeper meanings.

Wind, Fire, Thunder Water, Mountain, Lake, Earth and Sky: these trigrams correlate to different members of the family, different parts of the body, to interior and exterior direction of a house and much more.

To find out your own personal trigram and your power spot, please fill out the form below

Number 1 relates to the Water Trigram and is located in the North
Number 2 relates to the Earth Trigram and is located in the South-West
Number 3 relates to the Thunder Trigram and is located in the East
Number 4 relates to the Wind Trigram and is located in the South-East.
Number 5 is the Tai Chi and is located in the Center.
Number 6 is the Heaven Trigram and is located in the North-West

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