Super Moon on Remove Day

100_3557.JPGToday Nov. 14 supermoon is the closest and brightest since 1948. Such an event won’t occur again until 2034. Most people telling you to wish something on such a day

I agree…..and believe in the law of attraction, to dream is the start, to live the dream is the payoff but

………..not today.

Live your Dream and Not the Nightmare. Be clear of your true priorities.

According to the ancient chinese calender today is a

  • 庚 子 yang Metal Rat day

According to the chinese Almanac it’s a

  • Remove day   

A perfect day to remove or change things which do not empower you.

If you feel drained and exhausted when you wake up in the morning
in Feng Shui, the meaning of “drains” is exactly what it sounds and

it refers to the draining of your Wealth, Health, Relationships and Career.

Strong draining energies can be sometimes a challenge to human health because of their high levels of vibration.

It can weaken the immune system of a person when it is exposed for a long period of time.

Use this day for wellness, take a bath, clean your house or get rid of old things or habits.

Get rid of those things that you no longer need

and then you free up your space for what you really need.

Keep nothing in your home that is not useful or beautiful.

Super moon challenge :

  • Write down exactly what you want to get rid off
  • Set a timeframe and be very, very clear in what you don’t want.
  • burn the paper
  • Shift things for yourself. Every opportunity I’ve had in my life I’ve created myself.
    It didn’t happen overnight, but by steadily choosing my path I created a life I love.

    That’s the power everyone has in himself.

    You do not have to resign to fate, instead you can choose how to navigate :-) 

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