Support children with Feng Shui

Here are tips I recommend to support children with Feng Shui. I hope you find them useful.

Assist your child with Feng Shui for study, sleep or help with bullying problems.

Especially  bullied Kids needs support and security and a supportive home environment. If kids  are bullied, they are suffering from fear and have less confidence. Basic tips can sometimes help,

Give them a bed which has a headboard , place them so there is  a solid wall behind the headboard . It conveys a sense of support and security.  Man’s greatest need for support and security is at the back, hence the term ‘backbone’.  When considering placement of beds and desks, it is ideal to have a solid wall behind. If its possible place their desks so that the chair has a solid wall behind and your child can overlook the room and maybe look out a window.

Use natural and organic Material. Artificial fabrics and chemicals can create allergies. Keep electrosmog like electrical alarmclock off the bedroom. It can interfere with your childs bioelectrical field  and disturb their development.

Kids love to see images and symbols of their success around them. Place these pictures above eye level it activates the future like the motto “dream big, and make my dreams reality.”

With the help of a Feng Shui Analysis you can find out which colour can support your child or which symbol like a totem animal can support your childs chi if they carry it with them, which direction in the house is best for them and move their beds into a more empowering position.


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