support yourself with the Five elements

Green Soup is your „Wood“ element for spring.  Cook and support yourself with the Five elements.

If you enjoy cooking and want to support your whole body and soul use local produce and food that is in season in order to use the energy of the local chi, this can give you support and good energy. As we are now entering the spring season focus on the „Wood Energy“, because  it is the element of the season. Green soup  is a soup which is made primarily of vegetables.

If you cook with ingredients that are sourced from your own local community, your soup will taste better and become more valuable. Try to souce the ingedients  from a magical and amazing places of energy using the good Chi !! If you are still feeling cold from winter weather  and want to support yourself with  the fire element drink ginger tea. Ginger tea can help to keep your body warm as well as helping to make your immune system stronger.

Ginger Tea is called Jian Cha in Chinese. The most common way of making Ginger Tea is to peel some ginger roots and slice them into  slices, add them and some honey into boiling water, wait for 10 minutes, and enjoy. Remember that ginger tea is not  suitable for everyone. If you have too much  fire element,  if you have too much heat in your body, or drink a lot of alcohol or follow a lifestyle where you stay up late a lot and do not get enough sleep – then ginger Tea is not suitable for you.

Then you need to cool down with the water element. Eat fish and fruits.

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