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yin & yang
The accumulation of 9th fate topics is striking and it’s
here for the next 27 years. Many Feng Shui consultant teach the 9th fate begin 2024 but in fact it is clear that the 9fate is already here with power . According to my chinese calender  Fate change from 8th to 9th was winter solstice 2016. But this fate change did not happen abruptly, it announce a number of years ahead and we all feel 9th fate topics which are striking already. The 9th fate has the Hexagram : Nr.12 It is about a blockage, heaven can not go to earth and earth can not go to heaven, they can’t combine. This hexagram is very unfavorable in the I Ching. The trigram father (sky)

represents the south (fire) and metal including weapons, strategy his metal acts with fire explosion, war, confrontation, speed, violence, 3 yang lines above three yin lines.

It is about confrontation, between male and female, the yang over the yin

which is contrary to nature


which comes from the south and goes to the north,

this can be seen among all the things happen in the world right now.

Everything with violence, transport, speeds, heat, explosion, breaks, strategy, weapons, metal, war is activated in the 9th fate.

The energy move is from south to north and we can see this already happen in a global extremely violent change.

Who still thinks that 9fate is far away, let him look among the dreadful war in syria, at the refugee movement from syria to europe and from africa to europe ( south to north).

How can one support himself through this tough times ?

The worst thing to have in this powerfull yang fate is fear. Fear keeps us trapped in the limited universe, the one where you can’t just order what you want…can’t have what you want. What holds us back is fear.

In 9 fate development is taking place related to the fire element. There are a lot of very innovative new products and solutions, in
tech and  high-tech  products and projects, advancements,
Improvements in electrical and electronic conductivity and performances

  • Innovation and Improvements in the computer and Internet industry, like faster connectivity

the transformation of light into electricity.

  • the solar industry,
  • anything that helps to carry electricity
  • clean energy
  • transport industry like flights

9 fate supports all fire related issues,

Universe is like a “giant catalog” ( the secret ),

in this fate you need to wait for the right time before you order.

The truth is people will make tons of electronic waste in 9 fate,

but there will be a transformation of light too.

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