The Flying Stars 2015

The North has the wealth combination with the 1/8.  whole year in  February with the double 1.
The transformation, opportunity and income star 1 in the north is double.
If you activate 6 metal coins in a bowl to get 1/6/8 this month in
a special timeframe  ( for example 16. February ) you use this direction for activating and increasing your wealth this year.
Increase business by using this room too especially in February ( stay tuned for updates.)
Also you can take the direction and move/ travel from this direction. Start from the North to go South to boost your luck.
NW has the academic writers romance star 4 double this month.
To boost spiritual offering, send prayers, mantras to send your intent of the year and request assistance.
You can activate at home or go to a Church located NW of your home.
For Romance, sales, travel, writing and education luck
add a water feature in the North East this month because the 6 is double, you get the blessing from heaven.
Make sure you stop the feature at the end of the month. (Energy changes )
Watch for surprise opportunities. Opportunities for new ventures.
In the west and southwest, add blue and black colors to keep illness away.
In the center add red colors and candles. Stay tuned for updates ….Good Luck

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