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Feng Shui Guide Power Up Your Space with the Tiny Feng Shui Guide.

Would you like to receive 10 tips on how to rearrange your space to make it a better place to live in ?

From observations came a defined set of Feng Shui guidelines, who formulated a Feng Shui language to represent Yin and Yang, rules and mathematical systems, which were tested and devised by the Feng Shui Masters over thousands of years. This Feng Shui language is the basis of advanced Feng Shui theories.
The aim of Feng Shui is to understand the flow of energy in our buildings, environment and our homes and how this energy impacts us on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
It is believed that everything is made up of Energy/Chi and that you attract the circumstances in life that reflect your own energetic focus and vibration. Your home and workplace are a reflection of your focus in life. Chi is influenced by the interplay and balance of yin and yang.
Rebalance your Home and your Life.

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