Trigram and Lo Shu

Each sector of your house is associated with a particular trigram and related to a Lo Shu number. It’s very useful to know your trigram and how it’s applied to your home.

When your Lo Shu number and the direction associated with it falls into a bathroom, your essential energy can be harmed. Build your actions around the sector of your Lo Shu number and the group you belong to harmonize your life.

Example : a person is born 1961, it’s  Lo Shu number is 3 which relates to the east and the trigram is the thunder. If you don’t know your Lo Shu number you can find it here. Select a house with an east-facing entrance and position your bed according to your best directions. East Group.

The Map can help you to locate and strengthen your areas and see how it relates to the rooms of your home and property.

  • South : represented by the number 9, relates to the fire trigram and is located at the top and is the sector for fame and recognition, Represents: Element: Fire,
  • Southwest : represented by the number 2, relates to the earth trigram and is located in the southwest. It is the sector for relationships and love, Element: Earth,
  • West : represented by the number 7, relates to the lake trigram and is the sector for leisure, afternoon, afterwork energy, Element: Metal, Metal art objects, crystal, Colour : gold, copper, silver, wealth and academic achievement in 2016.
  • Northwest : represented by the number 6 relates to the heaven trigram and is the sector for heaven luck,  Element: Metal, crystal, colour: gold, silver (all metal colours)
  • North : represented by the number 1 is the water trigram and the sector for careers. If you’re having difficulty advancing your career or need an extra boost for a project, activate this sector. Element: Water, Colour: Black or blue
  • Northeast : represented by the number 8 relates to the mountain trigram and is the sector for education, meditation, element: earth, colour: yellow
  • East : represented by the number 3, relates to the thunder trigram and rules growth and longevity, element: wood, colour: green
  • Southeast : represented by the number 4, relates to the wind trigram and is the sector for prosperity and luck, especially 2016, element: wood, Colour: green,
  • Center : this sector is the center of balance, the TAI CHI  of your home, if empty it’s vital to auspicious chi in your home. Represents a space where chi should be able to circulate, yin and yang balance, the theme of the house, your own theme, if you have

Use your home to create and manifest the life you wish.

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