unblock the chi flow

May 20 yang Fire Monkey 丙 申 Watersat Day

open Doors today but don’t activate a waterfeature.

For all areas of life, there are good and bad stars. With the knowledge of the Flying Stars you can improve your home every year and month.
Do not be disturbed by the bad stars …. they go away. To overcome obstacles and to avoid frustrations you can make small changes to the largest possible effects.
The nature, the universe shows us that everything changed and everything happens for a reason,

if you can handle this energy you can get the most out of it.

I always tell my clients “I will never change a winning system ” so if everything goes right I would never do a consultation and change something in the house or garden. But if anything is blocking you at some point it could be something wrong in your house. Things that need to be changed wether it is

in your home,



to unblock the chi flow.

Imagine your house with the rooms,  every year month and day stars are on a visit to one of these rooms in the house.

Every year and month and day they select another room.
Because you share room with the stars they go in interaction with you.

Some you get along well, with others not. What  can you do with this information?
You can try to avoid the poor and set up your environment with the good stars so that

it feels good

you can sleep better,

work better,

cook, live and love better.


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