Wealth star 8 location for April 2016

DragonThe official monthly Chi change was on April 4th 2016 to 壬辰 Yang Water Dragon.
April is a Dragon month. The Dragon is leader of the month, home in the southeast and visiting south in April. He is blessing from heaven and blessing from moon this month and going to build a water combination together with the monkey and the rat.

Pay closest attention to annual Feng Shui and then use the monthly Flying Stars.

Wealth star 8 location for 2016 is southwest but in combination with 2 it is too much earth. Don’t activate southwest this year. Wealth star 8 location for the month of April is the Southeast. Activate Southeast for good health and wealth and great fortune this month.

When the area of the sick star 2 and 5 is a kitchen, then due to the fire energy in the kitchen the affliction of the sick earth 2 and 5 are especially harmful. You can use plants and water to dampen.  Remember that you should never add plants or water to press down negative energy in your bedroom.

In 2016 the annual 2 and 5 flight is in the Center and Northeast. This month 2 and 5 visits  the West and North.  Add metal objects here to exhaust the negative energy and avoid any fire like candles, red blankets, red and yellow colors. Keep this area quiet and avoid to sleep here if possible.

Give yourself the space to stay open to spontaneous surprises  ………for heaven energy but to avoid disaster use the ancient knowledge.

I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfil our destiny, but our fate is sealed. …….Paulo Coelho

  • April signifies a more auspicious time in your life if you were born in the Year or Day of Yang Water 壬. The Dragon is blessing from heaven and blessing from moon.
  • April signifies money luck for those who have the door or home office in the southeast or southwest.
  • If you have a Dog in your chart, April is a clash month, the opposite feeling of harmony and peace.
  • You can better protect and prepare yourself to help minimize this clash by carring the pendant of a monkey ( in april ) which combine to the Dragon and takes it away from the Dog it helps minimize the clash.

Flying Stars : 1 Star visiting Northwest Sector.

1 in the Northwest

The Ruling Star 9 is in the Center. Avoid any red here.

8 is visiting Southeast in April.

Southeast sector of your house represents the oldest daughter.

To anyone who has front door, home office, or kitchen in the Southeast the 8 is capable of bringing you good fortune. 8 and 1 together indicates great opportunities.

If you have a bedroom here or front door, kitchen or home office, use this room as much as you can, open windows, doors and invite the good Chi:

3 Star visiting Northeast. Disaster will still reside in the Northeast direction. This direction does apply to the facing direction of your house, the sector where your important rooms are located and also it relates to the Northeast area of any city or country. 3 is responsible for anger, gossip and legal problems and brings some mixed energy here. Especially together with the yearly 5.

It’s always good news when the 6 Star arrives as it could bring windfalls and blessings.

This month he visits southwest. Metal drains the earth so southwest should be better in April. But avoid digging here.

The Troublemaker 7 Star visiting north 2016, and east in April. Arguments can escalate here . Put 3 Bamboo in the East Sectors to minimize the metal troublemaker in April.

5 Star visiting North Don’t add purple colour here this month.

You do not have to resign to fate, instead you can choose how to navigate 🙂 

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