What do you send out into the universe ?

丁 酉 yin Fire Rooster

Toe Far day / relationship Star for rat and  monkey (in daypilar ).

Today you have special charisma. It’s your romance day.

If you want to meet someone take also the rooster hour. Timeframe : 5 pm to 7 pm.

Today has also the protection of Eastern Guardian Angel and Scholarly Star.



Why is a House with a Smiling Face so important ? 

Just as in so many ways things that happen are attracted by the energy

you send out into the universe.

If the face of a house stands for the future, what kind of future can you read on the house you live in? If the main side of your house were a face, what kind of face would it be? Would it have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, or would there be something missing?

Would it be inviting? A smiling face? Is the front door inviting? Does it draw your eyes to it?

Take a good look at the left and right side of your house.

If the right side of your house needs to be higher than the left side

according to the yin and yang Feng Shui and

the right side relates to  male/yang, left side to  female / yin – standing outside, looking towards your house)

What does it mean
when the dragon side is lower than the Tiger side ?

Man living in womans house.

This will inevitably lead to a conflict between them.

You can increase the power of the dragon by placing a light on the dragons side of the house.

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