Where there is success there is always good Feng Shui

If you google West Vancouver, you will see that this is actually the wealthiest place in Canada, not only, but it is also one of the richest in North America. West Vancouver has the highest annual income per household in British Columbia. So as Feng Shui Law of Attraction we have to wonder: why West Vancouver rather than North Vancouver or let’s say Calgary?

The answer is in the landforms: where there is successful real estate and big money, there is always good Feng Shui. Always!

If you look at the topography of West Vancouver, you will see two features that are well sought after in classical Feng Shui: water at the front and mountain at the back. This is one of the traditional landform formations that we want to see for

a good Feng Shui setup.

The same is true to some other very successful cities around the world such as the bay of Hong Kong, Wellington (there is a reason why it is the capital of New Zealand rather than the well-know Auckland), Geneva…

However, you could say that the same rule applies to the neighbour North Vancouver. This is true: North Vancouver also benefits from a mountain at the back and water at the front. Why hasn’t it become the trendiest and wealthiest place in Canada like West Vancouver as then?

To understand why we have to look at the scenery. Feng Shui is often believed to be all about space, but it is actually about space and time. Classical Feng Shui looks at periods of time based on the Chinese system of calendar that incorporates lunar and solar cycles and greater cycles of 18- 27 years.

For Feng Shui purposes, currently we are under the period 8 until 2017. Then, we will change for the period 9 . These numbers give indications on the quality and type of Chi that rules the period, auspicious directions and landforms bring prosperity through the current period.

The mountain that forms the back of West Vancouver has a round, soft shape covered with green, Cypress Mountain . It is a form that is seen as particularly good in Feng Shui. Such shape naturally brings benefit to the city.

The placement of the water for West Vancouver that is mostly located in front is also especially beneficial. The prosperity of West Vancouver is made by the landforms which attracts good energy to the city.

If we compare to the North Vancouver setup, we see a different story. The mountain at the back, Grouse Mountain, is of a very different shape. It is higher, steeper, more irregular and not as smooth as Cypress. Clearly, while North Vancouver benefits from the stability of having a mountain at its back, the form and type of mountain that is Grouse is not as beneficial as Cypress for West Vancouver.

The placement of the water in North Vancouver is also different some in the Northeast sector, which is not ideal for the period.

These landforms explain why the Feng Shui of West Vancouver is currently superior to the Feng Shui of North.

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