Why does “the law of Attraction work ?”

A powerful Law of Attraction tip to help you attract what you want and to become true in your live. Are you wondering why  the Law of Attraction does not work ? Why the results you wished for didn’t become a reality.

Affirmations are the wrong tools. If this affirmation thing did not work, then there must be something that does.

The way to change your mind is through questions, not through statements. You were told to tell, but the truth is that you must know how to ask.

By using afformations, you take conscious control of the seeds you plant in your mind. This will, according to the Law of Attraction, change your life. So what about affirmations? Try some: “ I am healthy. I am good looking. I am smart. I am rich. ” These are all statements that you want to be true in your life. Maybe you spent some time on

traditional courses that taught you to say the affirmations out loud, jump around and do some exercises at the same time. Why did nothing change then?

Thought by itself is a process of asking questions and searching for answers.

We’re taught to ask “the right question,” but what does that mean?

Maybe it’s something like Google…. ask a question, search and return the answer. If this is the case and we find what we look for through questions, then no wonder that affirmations suck! And then you are wondering why the results you wished for didn’t become a reality.

“Why I am inspiring others in their own personal development and having the lifestyle I want ?”

” Why do I have my book ready January 2016 ?

” Why do I attract so many readers to read my new book ?”

” Why I am a great Mom to my daughters ?”

” Why do good things happen to me”?

” Why can I go out for dinner and choose the most expensive items on the menu if I want ?”

Why can I choose a nice hotel even if it’s expensive with good service and Spa?”

” Why can I live where I want to live ”

Use the Law of Attraction to manifest your Dream Life. Keep your dream alive by using the Afformations. But you have to take action too.

I want to be able to say to my daughters  , “Let’s go out for dinner tonight” and not have that thought in the back of my head that we have to go to a cheap restaurant or pick only cheap items on the menu of the nice place.

I want to live where I really want to vs live where I can only afford. I want to be able to travel wherever I want to whenever I want to.

Just saying it, thinking it, feeling it, can not make it happen alone  take action to it.

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